I love celebrating the various "holidays" throughout the year, whether they're overly commercialized or not. I just like tradition, like eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve. Valentine's Day is no exception. It's cute to be in love. Most of us have been there, are currently there, or are in that stage where you'd rather have a root canal.

On July 2017, Mitchell Tenpenny released his EP called Linden Ave. The title has a very close meaning to him, referring to the street his grandmother used to live on. The album climbed very well in the independent charts and actually sold 2100 copies in its first week. On December 2018, Tenpenny released Telling All My Secrets. This is the album that has THE song in question. It's called B*****$. Yea, I know, it's censored, but you get where I'm going with this.

Tenpenny 2

The story goes that Tenpenny was just writing to get a feel for his own sound and what his audience would actually want to hear. He says he wrote it joking around and never planned to record it. The phrase "never planned to record it" seems to mean something different up north, because a demo of the song started circulating around. His label heard it and encouraged it to be recorded and placed on the album.

Tenpenny 3

I know what the title says, I know what the word means, and I even know how it can be taken. However, when you listen to it, it works for both male and female. It refers to that jewel of a better half that "cats" around on you. It's a charge to blow off that nonsense and not even give them the time of day again. Happy Anti-Valentine's Day! Oh, did I mention he's in drag for this video?

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