Imagine you're walking along a city sidewalk and you look down and spy what appears to be a used Kleenex tissue. Chances are you're not going to touch that, right? Imagine how public works employees feel when they come across discarded medical masks and gloves in the street. Nah, I wouldn't want to touch that either.

The current coronavirus pandemic has created another issue but its one that can be solved rather quickly by people simply using their heads. The problem has to do with used personal protection equipment, i.e. gloves and masks, that have been just tossed into the streets and onto sidewalks around town. 

While health officials applaud the fact that so many people are now heeding government advice concerning masks and gloves they say trashing our streets with discarded medical waste is not really in the best interest of controlling the pandemic.

Remember, someone has to pick that trash up. And your carelessness has just put them at unnecessary risk. Another issue that has been reported is that some people have attempted to flush the discarded medical equipment down their toilets. That can lead to an even bigger issue with clogged pumps and pipes.

The bottom line. Thank you for going taking the extra steps to stop the spread of the coronavirus, now complete the process by disposing of all used personal protective equipment properly.

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