If you were a kid in the 90s in SWLA, you probably rocked a D.A.R.E shirt, had an IDFY Card (International Drug Free Youth), had an Accelerated Reader Pizza Button, and you were in the FOX Kid's Club. On top of that, you probably ran to the TV each Saturday morning to watch Bruce Hamilton's Pet Playhouse. I remember the store he had, Birds, Pets, and Things. It was over where 5 Guys burgers is currently located.

Pet Playhouse 2

Bruce would do a kid's pet show on TV plus take it out on tour. We all have to remember his side kick Larry Bird the Parrot and his Cockatiel TJ. Kids and schools would flock to get into a taping, as the rest of us just watched entirely too close to our TVs sitting "Indian style".

pet playhouse 3

Scrolling through Facebook, as I normally do, I ran across a post Bruce Hamilton did from his motivational Facebook Page called No Bad Days. Hamilton goes around as a motivational speaker now, and if you haven't heard him, he's truly worth a listen. SIDE STORY: When I was working at a local casino, he came to a dinner event as the keynote speaker. Now I was 24 at the time, but I became giddy as I walked up to him to place a microphone on his tie. Stumbled over my words, yelling in my head "IT'S BRUCE HAMILTON!!!!" Luckily I held my tongue and was able to eek out "You're all set Mr. Hamilton".

bruce ham 1

Back to the story at hand. Bruce Hamilton is now a motivational speaker, and has written a book, he tours around giving speeches to various companies, including large corporate seminars for Sprint, State Farm, and even AT&T. He has an amazing story, but I can never not see him run out with Larry Bird's wings flapping like crazy!

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