So you take girls out once because you have no problem finding dates. The problem is that you never get second dates! Let me help you out.

Yes I am on my soap box ; but it is Valentines Day and this needs to be covered. Ladies you can have your man read this. The problem is that you are not being a gentleman. The first thing is you need to treat her with the utmost respect. This means making her your only focus. Just act like you are in a major job interview. You have to pay attention to her in every way and block out all distractions. This is your time to show her that she is important to you. First you have to use the standard manners. Open her doors, The car doors and the building entrances and exits. Alway let her enter or leave first! Never cut in front of her. walk with her or behind her but never in front of her. I see men do this and wonder why the woman stays with someone who obviously does not enjoy her company. Always walk up to the door when picking her up. Honking your horn says that you are too lazy to get out of the car and you have such a high opinion of yourself that she can just come to you. Always dress to impress. This does not mean dress up. It means show her that she is worth you taking the time to be clean, well groomed and dressed respectfully.  Let her pick the music and don't play it so loud that normal conversation is impossible. Let her pick the restaurant, movie or event. Don't try to surprise her until you know what she likes. Let her do the talking. Ask her about herself. Then really listen to her. Look at her when she talks to you and hear what she is saying. Do not even glimpse at another woman. Show her that she has your undivided attention. Stay off your phone. The oly reason to be on your phone is for a complete emergency. Pay the bill! Show her that she is more important than money. Don't make the first move ever. She will let you know if she is ready. If you can't treat her like this then don't ask her out. Treat her like this ..... and get a second date!

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