Halloween is a lot of fun but the treets can cause cavities and other problems. Now that problem is solved!

A little bit of Halloween candy can go a long way towards satisfying kids’ cravings for sweet treats. But a lot paves the way for tooth decay. That’s why dentists participating in the 8th annual Halloween Candy Buy Back Program are asking kids to drop in on November 1st and donate what can quickly become too much of a good thing to a great cause. Through the program, children who bring unopened candy to local dental offices the day after Halloween will receive prizes. The candy is then sent through Operation Gratitude as part of holiday care packages to troops serving overseas. It’s a win-win situation that rewards kids with healthier smiles and lets them show appreciation to America’s service men and women.

      Ask your dentist if they are participating. It is this kind of innovative thinking that makes me proud to be an American. It is also a good way to not eat all the leftover Halloween candy!

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