Christmas is a very personal holiday. You wouldn't think that to be so with all the mass hysteria that surrounds the season but the truth is we all celebrate the season in our own unique way. The way we decorate our Christmas tree says a lot about who we are and what we hold dear.


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    Staff Photo

    The Mix And Match Tree

    This tree seems to have no rhyme or reason. It's a mishmash of kid creations, travel memories, store bought ornaments and a wide array of other items. It's as if your life story can be told by simply looking at this tree. People who live this kind of tree are the nonconformist. You don't care for the status quo. You are your own person and you will celebrate the season your own way.

  • Joe Readle Getty Images
    Joe Readle Getty Images

    The White And Silver Tree

    This is the tree of the purist. You believe in the sanctity of Christmas. You believe there should be a certain reverence for the season. People who have this kind of tree are very spiritual. You like simplicity and are annoyed by the over-commercialization of Christmas. You find peace by looking at your tree and for Christmas, there can be no greater gift.

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    George Marks/Getty Images

    The Tinsel And Icicle Tree

    If you love the shiny strands of silver plastic called icicles  or the elongated ropes of shimmering tinsel on your tree then you are sentimental. Chances are these are the decorations of your childhood and maybe the icicles were the only ornaments that your parents allowed you to hang on the tree after they had decorated it. You're an older soul who appreciates the past and Christmas memories warm your heart like a plate full of Christmas cookies warm your tummy.

  • Matt Cardy Getty Images
    Matt Cardy Getty Images

    The Anti-Tree

    This is the tree that's not really a Christmas tree. Any other time of the year it's a house plant. During December it's adorned with some lights an ornament or two and you call it Christmas. It might not even be a tree at all. It could just be a tree shaped thing. You're the kind who doesn't like the hoopla of Christmas. You are more likely to be young, single, and going home to your parent's house for the holidays.

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    David Hallet Getty Images

    No Tree At All

    You are a man. You probably see Christmas as an obligation and not a celebration up until December 24th. That's when your Christmas Spirit kicks in and you rush hurriedly to Walgreen's to do your shopping. Or perhaps your faith doesn't include a tree in your celebration of the season.Regardless, it's not that you don't appreciate the reason for the season, you just don't care for the hype. or you have a great deal of respect for your faith.

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