Hunter Hayes continues to share new singles from his new music series. The latest installment of his project, the energetic and infectious "This Girl," came out on Jan. 12.

"This Girl,"  co-written by Jordan Schmidt, Andy Albert and Jessie Jo Dillon, tells the story of a love so good Hayes would give everything he has in order to keep loving his girl. Hayes boldly proclaims, "Yeah, I swear that I'd trade everything I chase / They could take it all away / Long as I get to love this girl." Press play above to hear the full song, which features impressive guitar playing as well as sweet sentiments from Hayes.

"'This Girl' was such a fun song to write," says Hayes about the song in a press release. "Musically, going back to the roots of stuff I grew up listening to, and lyrically highlighting that side of someone that you only get to see when you've known each other for a while and how special those moments can be."

The song marks the continuation of a theme for Hayes, coming on the heels of his prior release "You Should Be Loved," a song reminiscent of the 1950s, with its doo-wop melody and optimistic, and equally romantic, lyrics. The other part of the installment was "More" which was released this past fall.

"This Girl" is currently available on iTunes. More information about Hayes can be found on his official website.

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