In 2015, I was asked by a new, and close, friend of mine if I would officiate his wedding. Now, reader, I have always wanted to be a wedding minister. I love weddings, and have been DJing and MCing receptions for many years. I have done my best man duties a few times, but never thought someone would even remotely want me to actually oversee their wedding.

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So what do you do? Well, I googled. Apparently it's easier to become a minister than I ever imagined. $60 later, my official certificate and card were on the way. Reverend Buddy Russ was born. A quick trip to the Clerk of Courts and I was officially, and officiant.

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A few weeks later, it was time to do my first wedding. I wrote my sermon, and checked that I had everything in place. The day of the wedding, I think i was more nervous than the bride and groom. 9 minutes later (fast wedding), it was over and we all survived, and laughed right along.

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Since that wedding, I have done quite a few, both big and small. To share that moment with two people in love is more amazing than any wedding I ever DJed or reception I MCed. Today, I got to do it all over again.

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I met Hunter a few years back through the Jeep club. He moved away for a while and came back with Erica. He asked me if I would be willing to marry them, obviously I said yes. Prien Lake Park was the spot, the date special to them because it was their dating anniversary. Congrats Hunter and Erica Loupe, may your lives together be full of memories, especially the one where a radio DJ was your minister for your wedding.

For your viewing pleasure, a video of the FIRST wedding I ever did, including a quote from P Diddy!

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