Most of my encounters with snakes have been very brief. I seldom stick around longer than it takes for my brain to signal to my feet that a snake has been spotted. In the world of fight or flight. I am the flightiest person you will ever meet.

I don't care for snakes. I think they make great boots and can be quite stylish as a hat or belt. Actually, that's an untruth. I have a very rational fear that a living snake would see my snake boots and instantly accuse me in the murder of his long lost father and mother. From there it would a fight to the death. I don't know how fast or how long a snake can travel over urine soaked ground but a vengeful snake is a deadly snake. That's what I choose to believe anyway.

So about the snake you see pictured here. He, she, it was found inside a rural building that is also home to one of our radio station transmitters. The engineer that noticed the snake and snapped this picture may or may not still be alive. I have been too afraid to check.

The snake could have bitten the engineer or the engineer could have started explaining how the transmitter works and the snake may have died of boredom. Either scenario is very plausible to me.

Here's what I need to know. What kind of snake is this? Why would it be inside a transmitter building? Do they eat people or just engineers? On a scale of one to ten how many sticks of dynamite should we use to rid this building of this insidious serpent?

You're probably thinking I am kidding. Okay, I guess I am except about the engineer question. Seriously, what kind of snake is this? Do you have any good recipes for this particular breed?