It's the biggest pain in the rear of the TV streaming world -- you can't legally stream HBO shows unless you actually have an HBO subscription. I mean, yeah, you can use someone else's password, and HBO seems to be okay with that, but still...

And yeah, you can stream HBO shows older than three years ago if you have Amazon Prime.

Okay, so there's quite a few ways to get HBO shows.  STILL, Time Warner announced today that in 2015, a standalone HBO streaming option will become available.

There aren't a lot of details on how it will work yet, but today's announcement could be a major earthquake in the TV landscape. It's a bold admission that some people are moving away from cable and dish subscriptions into a streaming-only model.

Let me be honest -- I'm one of them. I cut the cord a couple years ago, and yes, it can be something of a pain to keep up with shows I like, but I don't have too much of a problem. Except when it comes to HBO shows. And by next year, that will no longer be a problem.

“There are 10 million broadband-only homes in the U.S. That number is expected to grow,” Pepler said. “It’s a large and growing opportunity. It’s time to remove the barriers to those that want HBO.” In all, he said 80 million U.S. homes don’t have HBO — the company’s new target for growth. He said HBO will work with current partners and with new partners on the stand-alone Internet service. -- The Washington Post


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