It's hard to believe that country music superstar Tim McGraw is turning 51 years old today.  He is in the best shape of his life.  I mean look at those guns he is sporting in the picture above!

Well it's true.  The Delhi, Louisiana native is the ripe old age of 51. Can you believe that Tim has been on the country music scene for over 28 years now.  Right?

Tim started his country music career back in 1990 with the release of the mega hit "Indian Outlaw".  Since then he has racked up 35 number one hits and 14 albums.

Tim also is an accomplished actor.  He has appeared in several TV shows and movies.  One of the movies I remember he was great in was "The Blind Side" opposite of Sandra Bullock.

Royce DeGrie, Getty Images
Royce DeGrie, Getty Images

Tim and his wife Faith have been married now for 22 years.  That is unheard of in the entertainment business no a days.

Their latest Soul To Soul 2 tour has been selling out everywhere.  Happy Birthday Tim!  Now stop photo shopping your face on my body!

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