Costco is taking the chocolate Easter bunny to the next level with their new product in stores now.

Delicious chocolate easter eggs and sweets on wooden background

Costco is apparently selling a giant chocolate Easter Bunny that's two-foot-tall and almost four-and-a-half pounds.

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A mom bought one and posted the footage on TikTok. It's not clear if all Costcos have them, but she claims it's some of the best chocolate she's ever had.


@costcohotfinds2 foot tall gourmet chocolate bunny at Costco!!!

♬ original sound - CostcoHotFinds

Some people online have issues with it though and not just because Costco's selling it two-plus months before Easter. Easter is March 31st this year.

Delicious seasonal chocolate Easter bunny and eggs

Their biggest problem is it costs $64 and it's hollow. The top comment on TikTok is at that price, "I need it solid chocolate."

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