A bill authorized by a central Louisiana lawmaker may result in changes to automated speeding tickets. If passed, the bill would mandate how automated speed enforcement cameras capture images. Until now, traffic cams authorized by local authorities usually take pictures of the car and plate and mail the vehicle owner a citation.

However, Markville State Representative Daryl Deshotel proposed Bill 652, allowing local authorities around the state to capture images of the driver's vehicle, face, and plates. This would be a game changer for local municipalities in tracking down offenders and getting them to comply with automated speed enforcement citations.

Below are more details regarding Representative Daryl's Bill 652. and the latest development in Louisiana's automated enforcement capabilities. Find out what happens next, when or if the bill will pass through the legislature.

Do you have a problem with traffic cameras taking photos of you? Would you like to see this bill pass or fail? Let up know what you think in the comments. In the meantime, slow your roll and pay attention to speed zones!

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