The large hole that was discovered last week in the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge has been repaired and all lanes are now open.

As you may recall, DOTD said workers were at another project nearby and they found "extensive damage" to part of the deck on I-10 eastbound near Whiskey Bay.

"They noticed that the hole was in the bridge. It could have been that the spalling was more extensive than when they first got there, it could have been something to do with the work that they were doing and how the deck was deteriorating," Rodney Mallett, a spokesman for DOTD, said.

DOTD immediately closed that lane of the roadway to make the emergency repairs.

Initially, contractors making the repairs said they would have the bridge fixed by Monday, November 20.

However, thankfully, they were able to get things done ahead of schedule and wrapped up repairs by Saturday afternoon.

As DOTD suggests though, it is always a good idea to check Or, simply map your route in your GPS before heading out.

You can save yourself lots of headaches by doing that and re-routing to U.S. 190 if you are heading to Baton Rouge or U.S. 90 if you are going to New Orleans.

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