John Prine brought home two posthumous trophies during the 2021 Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony on Sunday afternoon (March 14), winning Best American Roots Performance and Best American Roots Song, both for "I Remember Everything," his final song.

The folk icon died in April of 2020 of complications of COVID-19, so his widow Fiona accepted the trophies on his behalf, along with the couple's three sons, via videoconference. In the show's virtual press room, she reflected on how devoted her husband's passionate fanbase has remained throughout nearly one year since his death.

"I think that just confirms what we, of course, knew to be true about John: that he was absolutely lovable," Fiona Prine says. "Even at his most irritating, John was lovable. And then, of course, he had this remarkable, unique talent."

Plus, she explained, her husband's personality and authenticity always shone through in his music.

"I always tell people: If you want to know the story of John Prine, start reading the lyrics of the first song and go all the way to "I Remember Everything,"" Fiona Prine says. "We're so grateful to the fans, really."

In 2020, the Prines attended the Grammy Awards together. While this year's ceremony looks very different, Fiona says she's planning an at-home celebration to mark her husband's two most recent trophies.

"I have a little social bubble, two Irish women, and they're going to bring dinner to me later this evening. We're going to watch the awards," she shares, adding that she was also enjoying spending the afternoon with her sons.

"It's one of the rare times that we've gotten together. It just feels so wonderful," Prine continues. "I feel John's presence today very strongly."

During the 2021 Grammy Awards telecast, which will begin live on CBS at 8PM ET, Brandi Carlile will tribute John Prine. Ahead of the show, she shared a peek into her rehearsals, but she didn't share which song or songs of Prine's she'll be performing.

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