Justin Moore lands atop the Billboard Country Albums chart this week with his latest release, Kinda Don't Care. The success marks his third No. 1 album.

But the accolades don't stop there — the album is also No. 4 on Billboard's Top 200 chart and his new single “You Look Like I Need A Drink” is currently at No. 5. In Taste of Country's August cover story, Moore reveals that Kinda Don't Care is the most diverse album he has recorded.

"I stretched my legs and was pushed to get out of my comfort zone," he explains. "I was concerned about that because I’ve never wanted to contradict myself in relation to what I’ve done and said and have been as an artist. That core fanbase that’s been there from the get-go, I don’t ever want them to be disappointed."

Moore says producer Jeremy Stover recognized his anxiety as they began recording the new album, which includes synthesizers, programmed drum sounds and a departure from Moore's typical twang-y melodies.

“He pulled me aside and he said, ‘Man, do you realize that if you sing it, it sounds like you, and it sounds country? You can’t sound any other way. You need to chill out. Stop worrying about this and freaking out about it, because if you have passion for this music and you love this music, that’s gonna become infectious and other people are gonna love it’,” Moore recalls. “And I said, You know what, he’s right. I needed to let go and not care about it and let people hear it and let them know how excited I am about it.”

Kinda Don't Care was released on Aug. 12.

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