In an interview just a few short days ago, Kane Brown began talking about becoming a new dad, his new house, and how he got lost in the woods for seven hours. The funny part is that it was on his own land.

Being lost can be a scary situation, especially if it's dark and you have no way to communicate with the outside world. After moving into their new house on 30 acres, Kane and his better half decided to go take a ride around the woods of their property. He said in an interview that they were making their own trails as they were riding, but began to get low on gas. As the sun began to set, they were getting closer and closer to empty. Brown said each path they attempted to take ended them at the edge of a drop off or even a cliff they couldn't go down.

After the seven hour ride around 30 acres, Brown ended up calling for help from the local police department. So you're telling me the entire time he is riding around only 30 acres, he has had a cell phone? A cell phone one can very solidly assume contains some sort of GPS in it. A cell phone that would hopefully have any other number in it but the police to call. During the interview, he said the police came and found them, and he did make it back to the safety of their new home.

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