Kellie Pickler releases her third studio album today (Jan. 24) and is sharing the stories behind each of the 11 tracks exclusively with Taste of Country. ’100 Proof’ plays almost like an autobiography of Pickler. There’s a song dedicated to her new husband and her father, as well as one inspired by her struggles to accept what’s left of her relationship with her mother.

Listen to the singer share her thoughts on each track from ’100 Proof’ in this cut-by-cut preview of the album. Despite her struggles, the album is overwhelming positive. Her story is one of grit and perseverance, not self-pity. Even the saddest cut (‘Long As I Never See You Again’) ends with hope that the victim of this heartbreak will end up on top. In the end, she certainly did.

As promised by Pickler, the album is more substance than polish. She chose songs she’s lived as evidenced by her thoughts on each track.





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