Lake Charles Native Jace Peterson found himself a new home late last night after the Oakland Athletics traded him away ahead of the August 1st MLB Trade Deadline.

Jace Peterson (Jace Peterson baseball Facebook)
Jace Peterson (Jace Peterson baseball Facebook)

Last offseason, Peterson signed with the A's on a 2-year $9.5 Million Dollar contract. On Monday, the club traded away Peterson to a club in playoff contention, unlike the A's, for a Right Handed Pitcher.

Peterson had played for the Brewers, Orioles, Yankees, Braves, and Padres since getting drafted back in 2011 with the 58th overall pick in the supplemental first round of the Major League Draft.

Since being with the A's, Peterson has spent most of his time playing at third base. He has played a few games at second base. On the season, Jace is batting .221 with a .313 on-base percentage this season and has six homers and 11 steals. Over his last 15 games, the utility infielder has hit .316 with a .413 OBP.

For the Athletics, there certainly have been plenty of ups and downs in the 2023 campaign with more downs than ups for the club. The A’s are sporting a 30-77 overall record on the season.

Peterson will find himself a new home, this time with a team he is not familiar with. Jace will head to the Arizona Diamondbacks. This is a much better situation for the Lake Charles native than being in Oakland. The D-Backs are very much in contention for a playoff spot, they are sitting just a half-game back from a Wild Card Spot.

Going from a team that doesn't know what its future holds in the A's vs a potential playoff team in the Diamondbacks is a HUGE deal for Jace Peterson.

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