Joseph Tucker's new sports drink, Hydra-Guard Recharge, is bringing the sports drink game to a whole new level.

According to KPLC, the Lake Charles native teamed up with LSU scientists to create a new formula for an all-natural sports drink. Hydra-Guard Recharge has four times more electrolytes than most of the popular sports drinks and even provides more electrolytes than Pedialyte and coconut water. But, the biggest plus about Hydro-Guard Recharge is that the new drink formula also contains much less sugar, 6 grams to be exact, and around 50 calories per serving.

If all this talk of sports drinks is getting you thirsty you might want to grab one, or all, of Hydro-Guard Recharge's flavors, which include orange, lemon-lime, grape and fruit punch.

Check out more on Hydro-guard recharge on the sports drinks Facebook page and grab the full story on the KPLC website.

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