So the cheeseburger was invented in 1926 and the story goes the cheeseburger was first made at a restaurant called the Rite Spot in Pasadena, California.

They say that the owner's 16 year old son decided to throw a piece of cheese on a patty that was cooking up on the grill.  People loved it so much they added is their menu, and called it the "cheese hamburger."

So that got me to thinking which is dangerous.  Who has the best Cheeseburger in Southwest Louisiana?  I asked listeners on the air and on Facebook "Who Has the Best Cheeseburger in Southwest Louisiana"?

Y'all chimed in big time to give us your favorite and we have the list here:

  • Maplewood Deli In Sulphur
  • Big Daddy's Sports Bar in Lake Charles
  • Dairy Barn In Sulphur
  • Chesson's in Sweetlake
  • Cottens Famous Hamburgers in Lake Charles
  • Rocket Drive Inn in Jennings
  • Maplewood Discount in Sulphur
  • Scott & Duhe's in Iowa
  • Round Top in Westlake
  • Chastains in Lake Charles
  • Cousins in Lake Charles
  • Rikinjacks in Lake Charles
  • Bad Apple Saloon in Lake Charles
  • 121 Bistro in Lake Charles
  • Mazen's in Lake Charles
  • Harlequin in Lake Charles
  • Peto's in Moss Bluff
  • Jimbo's in Lake Charles
  • Kajun Boos in Moss Bluff

My personal favorite is Whataburger and we used to have one here in Lake Charles.  Now I drive to Orange Texas to get my fix!

Did your favorite make the list?  Go ahead and tell us your favorite on our Facebook page now.

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