I am used to having things in my pocket. I generally have my wallet in one pocket and my telephone in the other pocket every time I leave the house. On the way out the door I give myself a quick pat down to see if I have myself together and off I go.

Every once in a while I will have something else besides my phone or wallet in my pockets. That usually results in me leaving one or the other at home. Both scenarios are not pretty. The one that bothers me the most is leaving my wallet with my money and my driver's license at home. That fear  of forgetting your license could soon become a thing of the past.

Louisiana lawmakers a currently debating whether or not the state will become the first in the union to allow a digital driver's license. It could be accessed through an app on your smart phone.  Stacy White Deputy Director of the Office of Motor Vehicles told the Louisiana Radio Network this would virtually assure that every motorist would always have their driver's license with them at all times.

It’s not the same thing as taking a picture of you license. It actually is a reflection of what’s actually on our database at that moment in time. It’s just an option if they choose to utilize it.

As it stands now you and I would pay $5 dollars for the app necessary to bring our driving information to our smartphone. However, the app would not totally replace your physical license.

You would have to have that physical license on your person, if the establishment you’re visiting still requires it, such as a casino or buying alcohol.

The measure was approved by the House Transportation Committee it is now scheduled to move into the full House for further debate.



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