The small island of Haiti was devastated by Hurricane Matthew. Already impoverished and still not completely recovered from the 2010 earthquake, the families there have been left with literally nothing.

In a tiny mountain village called La Vallee de Jacmel, located to the east of the city of Jeremie which was essentially leveled by Matthew, there is a primitive, yet vital, medical clinic where the people of the area can receive free medical care provided by a group of physicians who give their time and talents during mission trips to Haiti.

Dr. Michael at Haiti Clinic
Dr. Michael at Haiti Clinic

Dr. Nicole Michael is one of these. Dr. Michael has a pediatric practice in Eunice, and has for decades. She is a resident of Crowley and the United States, but she is also a native of Haiti. She travels to La Vallee three to four times a year to see patients at the clinic.

Dr. Michael says the clinic itself sustained mostly wind damage from Matthew. However, the village fared much worse in that all of the crops and livestock that supplied food and a source of income to its people were completely wiped out. Without those, she fears that famine will claim lives.

We in south Louisiana can certainly relate to the wrath Mother Nature can unleash.

A group of South Louisiana young people in 2014 organized to form Mission Renew. Their primary goal was to interact with the young people there and to bring the message of God's love to them.

Mission Renew Instagram
Mission Renew Instagram

Right now, that same group has set up a website specifically for donations to provide the necessary food and supplies for La Vallee's children and families in the aftermath of Matthew.

One organizer told me that, on a typical day, a child who is able to go to school may only get the lunch there to eat for an entire day. Because of the dire situation, children may be going without food at all. She says she has been in touch with their liaison in La Vallee who says the devastation is "unfathomable."

The roads in that part of Haiti are primitive. It may be difficult to get far by traditional vehicle. Organizers with Mission Renew say monetary donations help because they allow people on the ground in Haiti to go from small town to small town to buy what is needed and navigate the area most efficiently.

If you are able to give a few dollars, they will be appreciated. Your prayers are most certainly welcome.

Interestingly, Dr. Nicole says the people of La Vallee de Jacmel are a resilient lot. They are praising God and thanking Him for life. They appreciate each day as a gift.

Once again, monetary donations are the best way to help. If you'd like to send other donations, the following supplies can be sent to Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church in Miami who is coordinating a shipment to Haiti.

  • baby food
  • dry food (beans, rice; no canned food)
  • medical supplies (basic first aid)
  • hygiene products
  • batteries
  • flash lights
  • school supplies
  • generators
  • building materials
  • monetary donations

Food and Hygiene products donated in bulk should be shipped by the pallet.

Send them to:

Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church
MIAMI, FL 33138
(305) 751-6289

Courtesy Dr. Nicole Michael
Courtesy Dr. Nicole Michael


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