Chances are if you've been up really early on a Saturday morning during hunting season and you've stopped at your local all night convenience store for a hot cup of coffee you've seen legions of guys dressed in camouflage and orange.

The camo is so their targets can not see them. The orange is so that other hunters realize that rustling in the bushes is not something they want mounted on their trophy wall.

The high visibility orange works. It has helped reduced the number of accidental shootings over the past few decades of it being required in the field. Now there is legislation that might bring a new color into the woods. That color is called "Blaze Pink". I would agree it does lean toward the feminine side of the color spectrum.

Malinda White who is a representative from Bogalusa had introduced legislation to the House Natural Resources Committee that would add Blaze Pink to the Hunter's Orange as acceptable colors for safety in the field. Similar legislation has already been passed in Wisconsin according to White and it's been met with a very positive reaction. Although some women's groups have called the idea sexist.

Cole Garret with Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries told the Louisiana Radio Network that his office has no problem with the pink color.

We’ve looked at some studies that Wisconsin did whenever they passed this law and it says in the fall foliage the pink actually showed up better. We think it’s a good thing, it’s a high vis.

The color is not exclusive to women. Men can wear it too. They probably won't but they could.  Representative White suggested that maybe the pink color would actually help motivate more women to become involved in hunting.

Embrace the outdoors and become sportswomen and Louisiana is definitely the place to do that, it’s a sportswoman’s paradise.

How do you feel about the issue? Do you think the orange is enough? Would you wear pink especially if it meant you could be more easily seen and identified by other hunters?

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