Texas and California are vaccinating thousands of people at a time in drive-thru clinics at large event centers and stadiums. Why isn't Louisiana?

Governor John Bel Edwards had this to say:

If you’re interested in equity and you want to have the largest possible reach across Louisiana, you do the 210 sites (pharmacies and clinics) when you’re able to do them.

Gov. Edwards also said in his recent COVID-19 press conference that Louisiana has no immediate plans to set up mass vaccination sites.

Texas and California aren't receiving more vaccines than us, they're just choosing to divert their vaccines from pharmacies and clinics and use them in their mass vaccination events instead.

Currently, the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) is conducting a small test run for mass vacations as they have sent 1,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to nine pharmacies across the state. Eventually, the LDH will conduct mass vaccinations. However, there's no clear timeline when they will start. When they do begin, the LDH will follow a model they used with the flu shot in the fall as they set up drive-thru vaccination sites in eight different health regions of the state.

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