They exist in every state, but Louisiana, in my opinion, might have some of the worst. I remember MCing the Basile Swine Festival and attempting to pronounce some of the city names. I just knew I could nail them. I've lived in SWLA my entire life. Sadly, I was mistaken. Can you pronounce some of these that I found around the state?

1. Natchitoches - nah-codish

2. Tchoupitoulas - CHOP-a-too-lus

3. Tchefuncte - chew-funk-te

4. Pointe a la Hache - point-a-lah-hash

5. Plaqemines - PLACK-uh-mihn

6. Mermentau - mer-men-taw

7. Zwolle - Zuh-wally

So those are just a few. Have some better ones? Leave us a comment on Facebook or here and tell us the word AND how in the heck you pronounce it!


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