With this year's session winding down to the last week for some, if not most, Louisiana schools - end of the year pranks are becoming more and more common.  Two Louisiana high school students, who claim they were doing just that, may have crossed the line from prank to life-altering felony for allegedly spiking their teacher's drink with a powerful household cleaner earlier this week.

According to the report from the Advocate, a pair of unnamed 17 year old Eunice High School students have admitted to adding an unknown amount of Krud Kutter - an all-purpose household cleaner and de-greaser to a teacher's drink when she stepped out to get supplies.  Allegedly, the girl added the potent cleaner to the drink as the boy acted as a lookout and videoed the entire crime.  The video was also said to contain footage of the teacher returning and taking a few drinks before throwing it away.  That video was then uploaded to Snapchat.  Another student showed the video to the School Resource Officer (SRO) and the pair were arrested immediately - charged with mingling harmful substances.

Although Krud Kutter's Safety Data Sheet claims the cleaner has "ingredient(s) of unknown acute toxicity," Officials don't believe the educator consumed enough of the laced drink to negatively affect her health.  The crime is a felony, but because the students are 17 - they won't be charged as adults.  They have been moved to an alternative school for finals testing, and school administrators are considering outright expulsion.  The incident is still under investigation.

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