The internet and Facebook have exploded with curiosity over the big-shot competition that is going on in Omaha for the Mens College Baseball World Series. There is a restaurant in Omaha called Rocco's Pizza and Catina that does a shot challenge for all the fans of the teams that made it to the world series.

First of all, this is a genius idea! The restaurant has been packed with baseball fans from all the teams since the series started buying up shots to help their team come out on top. With LSu in the mix this year, Louisiana folks are crushing it because you know, we like to drink!

All weekend, Rocco's Pizza and Catina have been posting updates two to three times a day of the shot count and who is in the lead. The standing shot record is currently held by Ole Miss fans from the 2022 world series and sits at 18,777.


That record is going to be in serious jeopardy with LSU fans in town. As of yesterday's latest update, LSU fans are in the lead with 11,948 shots bought and the Tigers have only played one game LOL. The record is definitely going to fall!

There is a group called Cajun Tiger Tailgating. which is a group of LSU fans who have been taking up collections from their members to buy shots up in Omaha. They collected over $1000 so far so one of the group walked into Rocco's and bought $1000 worth of shots at one time. At $5 each, if we did the math correctly, that's 200 shots at one time.

They videoed the purchase and you can see it below.

Video edited on Kapwing

No word on who drank all of them but it definitely put a dent in the contest. If you are wondering where does all this money go to? The restaurant takes some of the money and also donates some of the proceeds to a food bank and to the university that wins for them to donate to the charity of their choice.

Will the record go down? We think it will be done by Tomorrow LOL.

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