Do you know the warning signs of a stroke? Do you even know what a stroke is? These are important questions I hope you will take a moment to understand. Understanding what is happening inside a persons body when they are having a stroke and recognizing the warning signs are key to a more positive recovery.

LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport has announced they are the recipient of a $1.6 million dollar grant to study the effects of light alcohol consumption and ischemic strokes.  Dr. Chris Kevil ,Director of the Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Sciences, says the current thinking is that one to three alcoholic beverages consumed per week seems to have a positive affect in preventing ischemic strokes.

In France, many of the people there eat a rich diet and drink wine frequently and they do not suffer from the same burden of ischemic strokes of heart attacks, as well.

Kevil commented on the French Paradox in a story originally published by the Louisiana Radio Network. It's this hypothesis that researchers in Shreveport hope verify in their study.

Light alcohol consumption stimulates anti-inflammatory pathways, as well as, antioxidant responses in cells and in tissues.

The grant was awarded to Dr. Hong Sun. His research will hope to define what exactly happens in the body when alcohol is consumed that seems to make the body less susceptible to these ischemic strokes.

Once he identifies these biochemical molecules that are responsible, one could then target those molecules themselves without having to consume the alcohol to activate those biochemical molecules.

This could mean a new medication or new treatment therapy for those that have suffered previous strokes or those who are deemed high risk for stroke.