There is a lot to unpack here and explain. BuzzFeed interviewed Country music star Luke Bryan recently over a Zoom call. They decided to add some flair to the interview by having Luke read out tweets from fans who are just a touch off-color and thirsty. Some of them are quite funny, but the rest go a little too far. Either way, Luke is a good sport and reads them during the call.

I can't really tell what is funnier, the straight up forwardness of the tweets or the fact that he had to Google a few terms to see exactly what they meant. At one point, the focus becomes the fact that the singer wears tight jeans, and he makes a comment about how it sells tickets.

The interview was part of Bryan also pushing his newest album, Born Here Live Here Die Here. The album has been re-released in the form of a deluxe version. It features all of the original tracks from the 2020 album, but also adds in six new songs to the arsenal. It is out and available as of today, but keep in mind that when you buy a Luke Bryan album, it still features Luke Bryan singing.

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