Billionaire investor Mark Cuban is calling for all Americans to get a $1,000 stimulus check every two weeks, but there's a catch.

The NBA owner suggests that we receive the checks through November, but if you don't spend the money, you lose it.

Cuban says that is the only way to ensure that the money is going back into the economy and people don't just "sit on it."

At this moment there is no concrete evidence that we will ever receive a second stimulus check during the pandemic, but Cuban does say that it is important to put money in people's accounts now.

Hypothetical situation, you get $1,000 in your account, could you spend $1,000 within in two weeks before losing it and where would you most likely spend it?

We are going to continue to follow what Congress does in regards to a second stimulus package and if there are any new developments we will share them with you here.


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