I love to look at the nighttime sky. Every now and then between the solid glow of the planets and the twinkling of the stars, you'll catch a glimpse of a shooting star. Of course, we know those aren't really stars that are falling, they are usually meteors or space debris burning up in the Earth's atmosphere and they aren't usually that bright.

However, when they are exceptionally bright we get some really great views of them.

***Caution for NSFW Language****

Then there was this view of the meteor

These observations were made in North Central Florida on Saturday night around the Gainesville area. The meteor was so bright that it even showed up on the National Weather Service lightning detectors.

It does appear as if this extraterrestrial feature burned out in the atmosphere before it had the chance to strike the surface of the Earth. So, other than a few startled motorists and some people that were surprised by the bright flashes that showed up on their security cameras there were no injuries reported.



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