While some kind of official source can't be found, as I don't think there's a national registry for this kind of thing, as far back as 2012 someone told me the Lake Charles Avenue of Flags on Memorial Day is the biggest of its type in the country.

And again on Monday more than 1,000 American flags will line the drive ways through the Orange Grove Graceland Cemetery on Broad Street.

It's been a few years since I hauled the family through on a few successive Memorial Days, and even though the flag display is larger nowadays, it was still an awe inspiring experience to roll past so many flags back then.

Memorial Day of course is the day we set aside to commemorate the last full measure of sacrifice our soldiers could give for their country; their lives.

Each flag along the drive represents a soldiers life unfinished, brought down in the prime on the altar of Freedom for the idea that men can live together in peace, knowing all have access to equal justice and opportunity.

Load up the family, take the drive.

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