The LSU Tigers have been competing ON the field in Omaha, Nebraska at the College World Series, but the Tigers Fans have been competing OFF of the field.

As we wrote about last week, LSU fans were in town to not only compete for a baseball National Championship but also try and claim the CWS Shot Challenge Championship... Well, last year Ole Miss went on a miraculous run in the CWS and went on to win the National Championship which in part helped the fanbase to break the shot record at Rocco's Pizza & Cantina with over 18K shots taken. LSU wasn't going to let Ole Miss outdo them this year...

From the first update on Rocco's Social Media accounts, LSU had already jumped out to an early lead. They continued that commanding lead throughout Day 1 and Day 2. Below are the numbers after Day Two, which is Day One of games at the College World Series.

The Tigers hadn't even played yet and they already had a commanding lead over the rest of the leaderboard. Then came Game Day... The Tigers would get the best of the Volunteers on the field and off the field, LSU fans would lead by over 4K shots after the final tallies came in after LSU beat Tennessee.

Then came Thursday, at the beginning of the day, LSU was still holding a commanding lead, but the pace had slowed a little bit... We had seen major purchases by groups be made like tailgating crews sending over a thousand dollars to buy shots... Those were impressive until Todd Graves got in on the fun.

Todd Graves is the owner and founder of Raising Canes Chicken Fingers. Todd is a MAJOR supporter of LSU Athletics both on and off the field. Todd purchased $30,000 worth of shots in order for LSU to BREAK the previous record and set LSU above everyone else at over 20K shots purchased.

Check out the reaction from the bar whenever LSU was announced as breaking the record! In attendance for the record-breaking reveal were ESPN's Ben McDonald and Peter Burns, Todd Graves, and plenty of local media members.

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