Can you function without the internet? The answer is probably no. In the world that we live in today, we depend on having the internet to pay bills, and to work. Most households with kids need it to do their homework. We also rely on the internet for our entertainment like social media, ordering food, and watching television and streaming.

With that being said, over 540,000 million Louisiana residents could lose internet in May according to government reports, unless something changes quickly. The exact number is 548,192 Louisiana households that could lose internet.

The Affordable Connectivity Program is a program that has provided millions with internet access and over the past two years, the program has helped millions of households across the United States access low-cost internet service.

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The Affordable Connectivity Program comes at $30/month and is offered to households who qualify for the program giving them a deep discount for internet service. One in six households in the United States is currently enrolled in the program and is mostly veterans, seniors, low-income families, and minorities.

A website called Whistle Out has posted a list of every state in the United States and how many people in each state will possibly lose their internet service in May. According to the document, the phase-out process will begin if additional funding is not obtained by the end of April for the Affordable Connectivity Program.

If this happens, Louisianaians will need to find a different alternative and affordable provider to fit their budget and needs.

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