They say that New York is "The city that never sleeps..."  Try getting an ice cream cone on the Upper West Side after 10 p.m. and you'll realize that the slogan isn't entirely true.  It IS true in Las Vegas.  This fact became abundantly clear while checking out of the New York New York Hotel & Casino early on a Saturday morning.  The revelry, dancing, partying and the revelers themselves were very much awake!

After four nights in what I now call "The city that never sleeps," I wanted to share my top Vegas experiences.

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    The Hoover Dam

    A modern engineering wonder of the world

    The majestic views of nature, combined with man's ingenuity, make this landmark a must see.  The Hoover Dam is a quick 30-minute drive from Las Vegas, and if you rent a convertible, the drive through the desert -- and then the winding hilly roads -- are half the experience.

    Splurge and spend the $30 per person to take the full tour, and you'll get to journey through some of the tunnels built into this giant structure which provides a stable source of water for thousands.  You can look at pictures of this modern marvel all day, but the only way to fully understand and appreciate the size and the scope of Hoover Dam is to see if for yourself.

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    The Fremont Street Experience

    Old Vegas has been brought back to life

    Don't forget to look up! That is my first peace of advice when touring any part of Las Vegas. From the ceiling of the Bellagio, to the Eiffel Tower, many of Las Vegas' wonders are overhead. On Fremont Street you'll have no choice but to look up. The neon is amazing, but even more so is the biggest big screen on the planet.  With 12.5 million lights and a 550,000-watt concert quality sound system, the hourly shows are a must see Vegas attraction.  I saw "KISS over Vegas" and the painted rock legends never looked or sounded so good.

    Another site to see while you are downtown is the Golden Nugget. The resort has been revitalized, and is home to a clear plexiglass water slide that brings riders through the middle of a real shark tank!

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    The Last Authentic Showgirl Review

    When you think of the Las Vegas of yesteryear, you imagine show-stopping numbers, bright lights and dancing ladies.  That is exactly what you get with Donn Arden's Jubilee.  This show is definitely a classic. The music of Cole Porter plays as this Vegas mainstay dazzles and amazes with lights, music and of course girls. Jubilee is tasteful, classy and lots of fun. 

    My biggest surprise was the extravagant set designs.  The recreation of the Titanic on stage was amazing.  Donn Arden's Jubilee has been on stage for 28 years, and  hopefully still will be for many years to come.  You can catch the show at Bally's.

    Caesars Entertainment
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    The Stratosphere Thrill Rides

    Hang out 1,149 feet in the air

    Thrilling is a severe understatement. Imagine getting in a car on top of a 100+ story building. Then imagine driving off the top. That is the sensation you will experience on The Stratosphere's X-Scream, but that is only one of the rides. Imaging getting on Astroworld's "Sky Screamer," except you are on top of a sky scraper. That is exactly what you will get on the Big Shot. Next is Insanity. You are strapped in a seat, and your feet dangle over the edge as you are spun at 3G's over the edge. If none of these thrills appeal to you, the Stratosphere's viewing deck offers the most stunning views of Las Vegas you will find.
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    Cirque du Soleil

    The shows to see!

    In 1993 the biggest thing to hit Las Vegas since Elvis debuted at Treasure Island. Cirque du Soleil brought Mystère to "The Strip," and greatly enhanced Vegas' entertainment landscape. Prior to Cirque, Las Vegas had depended on big names to fill entertainment venues. With Mystère, the entertainment immediately included more thrills and excitement with Cirque's brand of top-notch, high-flying, world class entertainment.

    Neither Cirque du Soleil, nor Vegas has looked back. Now there are at least seven Cirque shows in Las Vegas and the entertainment has in some ways come full circle. They have successfully combined the biggest names in music with their outstanding visuals and spectacular feats of air acrobatics. I saw The Beatles' Love show on a previous visit and was blown away. Now with Viva Elvis, you get the same amazing experience seeing the King of Rock and Roll's life portrayed in a way that can only be done by Cirque du Soleil. A trip to Las Vegas is simply not complete until you see a Cirque du Soleil show!

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