In the battle of home food delivery, and on the heels of an uprising against another local food delivery company, Gruber has added its hat to the ring as the next "locally" based food delivery service. Their website states that they are locally-owned out of Southeast Texas and that it's a family business.

The drivers, according to their site, are "independent" drivers who are self-employed. So essentially, they are not direct employees of Gruber. Sort of like Lyft, the drivers get paid by the delivery service but are not directly employed by the company.

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The company was started in North Carolina originally in 2016. The owner ended up visiting SETX and fell in love with it. Shortly after, the business in Carolina was sold, and they moved down to Texas to open up another one. Now, the company has been servicing the SETX area and expanded into Orange County as of January '17.

The site talks about how they do pay each delivery driver the full delivery fee plus tips, but charge a fee on all orders. They go on to say that as their business grows, they want to be able to bring the costs down to the customers as they add more and more options.

Now, in Lake Charles, the company delivers local favorites such as Darrell's, Maplewood Burgers, Toga Grill, and quite a few more according to their website.

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