"Tell me about yourself?" "Make a list of things you like." "Top 5" "Top 6"

Sound familiar?

How on God's green Earth can you expect someone with severe ADD as I have to make his life enjoyments based on a freaking list?

"Russ, list out your top 5 favorite movies."

Are you kidding me? What mood am I in to make this list? What year should I be thinking about? Can you, dear reader, actually make an honest list like that? Think about it. Make a list of your top 5 favorite songs right now. How hard is it to make that number 1 spot stick?

What if we made it easier and broke it down to genre? Favorite Country artist? Heck no, just typing that made my hands sweat. First artist that popped in my head was Travis Tritt. Is he my favorite? No. Chris Stapleton? Of course I like him, but I also love Conway Twitty, Dustin Sonnier, George Jones, and the list goes on. Sure, the dead ones won't mind, util I get to Heaven, then they'll be there (we are assuming here) and might question me when I get there.

Where am I going with this rant about nothing? Well, our fearless Social Media Guy (Digital Media Editor). Sent out an email to the radio people to list out a few favorites and such. I don't know his end game, he's not fat enough to take my identity so I think I'm good there. I'm sure there will be more to come with this assignment as the weeks come, but the list thing really irked my taters. I have never NEVER NEVER, been a big fan of making a list about myself. My ADD, A type personality, and all out desire to break the rules just won't let me.

How about you? Make a list of lists that you hate making lists about in the comments and we can discuss...


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