It most certainly doesn't look appetizing. On any given day, the items strewn about the street have become a game of "name the menu."

Crowley chiropractor Carissa Hamilton-Toups says she noticed sometime in 2015 that it appeared someone had dropped the contents of a plate lunch into the street. It wouldn't be the last time, so she created a public Facebook page and the #platelunchbandit so people in her town could see what was going on.

About a year ago it was noticed that a whole turkey dinner (yes a turkey and the trimmings) was dumped on the corner of H and Hutchinson Ave in Crowley. From that time on we have noticed random food on that same corner. Over the year we have nicknamed him "The Plate Lunch Bandit". After a suggestion from the public, I have created this page to post pictures of Crowley's Plate Lunch Bandit. Enjoy!

Comments on the page range from questioning whether there are security cameras up so the "offender" can be caught to people enjoying light banter over the "fare of the day."

Who is the #platelunchbandit? Will we ever know?

One thing is for certain. The majority of the people of Crowley who frequent the page are having a good time with the friendly banter and light-hearted humor.

Frankly, even if the photos aren't appetizing, the concept of being enjoyably social is a breath of fresh air.


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