Well, not exactly on purpose, nor did he mean the New Orleans Saints. Saints fans had a little fun after Pope Francis, or whomever runs his Twitter account @Pontifex used the #Saints. Apparently Twitter automatically inserts a fleur de lis after the hash tag to denote the New Orleans Saints.


The world of Twitter went absolutely wild over the tweet. Including a blessing of the individual Saints.

I was honestly a little scared to see how many people might be upset about the accident, and then the obvious jokes coming from Saint fans. From what I read, there were a ton of comments and shares, it all seemed light-hearted and respectful. One even included and official invite to go and sit with the residing holy ones of the Saints.

It may not be a long lasting joke that the Pope loves the Saints, but you cant deny how good Saint Brees sounds off of the tongue, or maybe Breesus Christ?

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