Video of a Popeyes Chicken customer settling an issue at the drive-thru in a most unique way has taken the Internet by storm. The issue isn't the level of service he received. The issue isn't the time he had to wait in line for his order to be processed and served. The issue is with the size of his chicken wing.

Brian Chan via
Brian Chan via

Generally, when you visit a fast food franchise you know what you're getting. You know a Big Mac in Louisiana is going to be very similar to a Big Mac in Illinois. With burgers, it's pretty easy to meet and match to a standard size. With poultry, especially poultry on the bone, I would imagine the pieces have to be within an acceptable weight or size range.

Evidently, at least for this man's tastes, the chicken wing he received as part of his  Popeyes order did not meet his expectations and he felt obligated to mention the issue to the store's drive-thru clerk.

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As you can see the man, identified as the Tik Toker's father is looking through his meal box. He then reaches into the box and pulls out a small piece of fried chicken and hands it back to the Popeyes employee.


As you might imagine Tik Tok was in full support of "the Dad" who returned the chicken wing. One commenter suggested it was just "a dad doing what dads do" while others empathized by saying they too had gotten small chicken pieces while visiting Popeyes, Church's, and KFC, the country's three big chicken-on-the-bone franchises.

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Have you ever returned a piece of chicken to the drive-thru because it was too small? Have you gotten chicken that's too small and just not said anything? Do you find that Popeyes, Church's, and KFC are serving smaller size pieces in general?

Several commenters on the Tik Tok video said they've encountered smaller pieces at both Popeyes and KFC and in each case they returned the chicken to the store and it was replaced with a larger piece. I guess that's one more reason why you need to not only check your bag before you leave the drive-thru, you probably need to open your box and make sure what you paid for is actually inside.

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