I have been lurking on ebay since 2000. It's basically an online flea market, need a slightly used pool noodle or a casket? eBay has you covered.

I decided to look up "Lake Charles, Louisiana" and search by most expensive. What would I possibly find? Well, I was kinda surprised on the items that were available for purchase. Year books, post cards, old casino items, even cook books. I made a list for you to check it out along with me!

1942 USAAF Pilot Wings. Super cool to begin with. Add in the fact that Lake Charles is engraved on them make it even better! eBay user aceshigh! has a set for sale for the low price of $274!


Up next, you Coca Cola collectors might like this Lake Charles Coke Bottle. Buyer beware however, it's got some cracks. That's gonna take some money off of the price It's hand blown and is rare, not only because Lake Charles on it, but because it's called a "straight side" bottle. . Yours from eBay user et135 for only $100.


1916 was big for the railroad, it of course we had a bigger station back then. User gold-myna has a Northern Railroad Engineer pass. This pass let the holder travel the railroad as needed for a year. I almost bought this, but I couldn't justify the $59.99 price tag.

My grandmother had a giant collection of cook books. Her favorite one to grab and cook from was this book. My mom still has it, and I cant wait to get my hands on it. In 1976, the Junior League of Lake Charles produced the Pirate's Pantry cookbook as a fundraiser. In 1977, they printed another round due to its popularity. Some of my favorite recipes are in this book! User seymourgoodebooks has one for sale now for $19.95, and i say it's worth every penny!