In February of 2020, Robyn Ottolini released an independent EP, I'm Not Always Hilarious, featuring "F-150" — the song that would become a viral hit on TikTok and help earn her a record deal with Warner Music Nashville — and three other breakup-focused, sad-girl country songs. Trouble was, she was about to fall in love.

His name is Stephen, and if you've seen the lyric video for her new song "Tell You Everything," you know who he is. They met on Jan. 25, 2020, just before Ottolini was headed to Costa Rica for two weeks. So, they set their first date for the day after she arrived back in her hometown of Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada: Feb. 14.

"I had released four sad songs, and then, seven days after our first date, I wrote this song about him," Ottolini says of "Tell You Everything." "I always want to continuously say who I am and what I'm doing, honestly, in my music, and this is where we're at. We're not heartbroken anymore."

Ottolini and Stephen have been able to see each other consistently throughout the pandemic, despite Canada's continued restrictions; in fact, her June 2021 trip to Nashville — her very first since signing her record deal in October — is the longest they'll be apart since they started dating.

"But he's, like, super independent," Ottolini says. (Plus, they plan dates to watch the TV show Criminal Minds at the same time.)

"Tell You Everything" is one of four songs on her forthcoming EP, But I'm Not Always Sad Either, her major-label debut project. It's set for release on June 25 and follows 2020's I'm Not Always Hilarious EP, on which those four breakup songs appear.

"As much as breakup songs are a huge part of my life ... I love to make people laugh, and I love to warm people's hearts and have fun and not take life seriously," Ottolini explains. "So that's what this EP is ... It has zero sad songs."

In addition to its love song, the EP focuses on the themes of loyalty in friendships, love for your family and granting yourself the grace to make mistakes "when you're drunk, or sober," Ottolini shares. They're, she adds, "songs that'll make you laugh;" a full tracklist is below.

Ottolini's summertime tour plans are still largely up in the air because of COVID guidelines in her home country — she's hoping to share dates soon, she says — but she has already announced that she'll be spending October on tour with Breland. Ottolini will open for his headlining Cross Country Tour that month, in Nashville, Denver and elsewhere.

Robyn Ottolini But I'm Not Always Sad Either EP
Warner Music Nashville

Robyn Ottolini's But I'm Not Always Sad Either EP Tracklist:

1. "Tell You Everything" (Robyn Ottolini, Jesse Slack)
2. "Hold Me Back" (Robyn Ottolini, Lydia Sutherland, Jesse Slack)
3. "Sincerely, Drunk Me" (Robyn Ottolini)
4. "Daddy’s Daughter" (Robyn Ottolini)

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