Hilarious Comedian Ron White will be making a stop in Lake Charles to make you laugh for two nights in a row in September.

The 61 year old comedian rose to fame as part of the Blue Collar Comedy tour with Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry The Cable Guy.  The group toured for almost 6 years from 200-2006.

Ron is known for smokin' cigars and drinking whiskey on stage while he hits you with some of his famous one liners and his poplular sticks like "Drunk in Public, Tater Salad, and You Can't Fix Stupid."

Ron White will perform for two shows in Lake Charles on Saturday September st and Sunday September 2nd, 2018.  He will be a L'auberge casino resort in Lake Charles.

Tickets are $55 and can be purchase on ticketmaster.com and LDLcasino.com

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