My buddy Rusty Metoyer from Rusty Metoyer and the Zydeco Krush is always a great source for content to write about. He posed this statement on Facebook today, and it got me thinking about other random thoughts such as this. The internet calls them "Shower Thoughts", random things that pop in your head as you shower. I figured I would scrounge around and find some other thoughts along the same line. These are sourced from one of my favorite Reddit pages called Shower Thoughts

DeniFili - p,b,q,d are all the same letter, and no one is doing anything

mojoespo33 - Dogs probably think the leash is there so their owner doesn't get lost

UsedToeNail1 - In a 500 day period, someone could have met someone, got married, gave birth to a child, got divorced, and still would have been using the same box of Q tips.

FlakyTuber1 - While driving, you stop on red and go on green, but while eating a Watermelon, you go on red and stop on green.

jank19 - The boomerang is an introvert's Frisbee

Chrismash_6 - Ravioli are just Italian Gushers

Here is one of my absolute favorites!

Alarid - Armadillos are just tactical assault opossums

These things make you think just a bit, so when you're in the shower, let your mind wander off. Just maybe you can help solve the worlds problems one day. That is, until you realize a Taco is just a Spanish hot dog.

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