Officials attribute the results of a recent survey about older drivers in Louisiana two contributing factors. The state's relatively small population means fewer drivers on the road and the state has strict rules and regulation regarding older drivers.

The survey, recently published by showed that for older drivers in America Louisiana ranked as the third safest state. Chief Caring Expert Dayna Steele spoke to the Louisiana Radio Network about the state's older driver regulations.

At the age of 70, you can no longer do a renewal by mail in Louisiana, you have to go in in person and that may be possibly keeping some older drivers from getting their license renewals.

Steele went on to say that of the fatal crashes reported in Louisiana 11% of those involved older drivers. The fact that older drivers make up 14% of the population should give family members a reason to begin the conversation with older drivers about their personal safety and the safety of others.

One way that Steele suggests family members can get an idea of how capable an older driver might be is to simply follow them.

Find a reason to follow. I’ll follow you to your house Mom, come up with an excuse to follow them and you can get a real idea of how your loved ones are driving then.

Steele seemed to suggest in her comments that it is very difficult for family members to take away the freedom of driving from an older member of the family. However, that decision could save their life and the lives of other motorist.


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