A New Orleans Saints fan corrected an infographic detailing the receivers who caught every Peyton Manning career touchdown, and it's hilarious.

In addition to the NFL record for most passing yards (71,940), the single season passing TD record (55), and MANY others, Manning holds the number one spot for career passing touchdowns with 539—but a Saints fan pointed out that there was one important TD that was left off the list.

An infographic detailing every receiver that Manning has tossed a touchdown to—along with the number of his touchdowns they respectively caught—went viral after news broke that Manning would announce his retirement today (March 7).

A.J. Caruso—an obvious Saints fan—made the correction, noting Manning's notorious pick six thrown to Tracy Porter in Super Bowl XLIV.

Even though he (and many others in the Who Dat Nation) had a good laugh, I think anyone who is a fan of football knows that Manning is one of the greatest players the game will ever see and recognize his greatness.

Congrats, Sheriff!

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