Sara Evans wants to duet with Taylor Swift, and she's not being shy about it. Not one bit.

Evans tried to use this week's 'Simply Sara' webisode to woo Swift into a collaboration. It started out with the 'Slow Me Down' singer showing off her singing skills by writing and singing and impromptu song called 'It's Not What You Don't Do, It's What You Do Do.'

Eventually, that little ditty led Evans and her crew to chat about how beautiful Swift is. Just in case those compliments didn't butter Swift up enough, Evans tried the musical route again. The country songstress continued showing off her singing voice by doing a short rendition of Swift's 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' chorus.

The two-minute clip cycles between shots of Evans singing Swift's praises and shots of Swift interviewing on 'Ellen.' The editing would have you believe that Swifty is considering a duet, but that's not the case. Not yet, anyway.

It's hard to say if Evans and Swift will ever share a microphone, but at least Evans had a good time playing around on camera! Recently, Swift has invited guests like Carly Simon and Sara Bareilles to join her onstage on her Red Tour.

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