When Scotty McCreery took the stage to open for Brad Paisley in Bethel, N.Y. over the weekend, he must not have paid close enough attention to the width of the walkway into the crowd. Either that, or maybe he was rocking out so hard during the final tune of his set that he lost his balance, because he accidentally tumbled off the stage mid-song.

But he was a good sport about it. After his run on ‘American Idol,’ as well as his touring experience so far, ‘The Trouble With Girls’ hitmaker is seasoned, and thus prepared for all sorts of performance mishaps. Though McCreery took quite a dive during his show on Friday night (August 10), just a few bars of the tune later, he was back on stage again, and singing without skipping much of a beat.

But although McCreery played it cool, prankster Paisley wasn’t going to let the 18-year-old rising star forget his clumsy fall without making a joke of it.

On Saturday night (August 12), McCreery tweeted a photo of hilarious himself singing on a small stage walkway, decked out with excessive caution tape and orange cones lining the edges. “@BradPaisley wanted me to be extra cautious tonight! Thanks Brad!,” McCreery explained.

McCreery probably didn’t need a reminder to stay clear from the edge of the stage — we’re sure he’s been extra careful since taking a spill off of the platform in Bethel — but he gets points for leaving the joke in tact during his performance. A lesser man would have removed the yellow tape and traffic cones!

Watch Scotty McCreery Fall Offstage

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