So a new feature was introduced by Snapchat a few weeks ago which allows you to locate all your friends on a map and see exactly where they are at any given time!  If users have their location option selected you can see where they are all the time!

Is this a good thing or bad thing?  I see both sides but in my opinion it could have more of a danger than and advantage.

Snap Chat Map Locator (Mike Soileau TSM)
Snap Chat Map Locator (Mike Soileau TSM)

Snapchat is primarily used by younger social media users.  They have a huge teenager fan base that could be real dangerous for our youth especially with internet predators all of the web and social media.

According to 23% of users are 13-17 years old while 37% are 18-24 years old.

I mean at any one given time a predator can locate your child if their location option is set on in the app.  That's dangerous huh?

On the flip side, parents can use this as a tool to keep tabs on their teenagers and children at all times.

As a user of Snapchat myself, I think it's a fun way to connect with listeners and friends but I use it in a strictly social platform.  I don't want people however knowing my location all the time.

SO here is the question!  Snapchat locator good or bad?  Weigh in now on our Facebook page.

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